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Affordable and Convenient Doggy Poop Cleanup in Garland, TX

Life’s busy, we get it. That’s why Pappy the Pooper Scooper offers reliable doggy poop cleanup in Garland, TX to take this messy chore off your to-do list. Opt for weekly, twice-weekly, bi-weekly, or even just a one-time cleanup. Our goal is to make your yard a clean, safe place for you and your furry friend without complicating your schedule.

german shepherd on chair

A Thorough Process and Excellent Results

Our double-grid cleaning method ensures no spot is missed and your yard is poop-free after we leave. This meticulous approach means a healthier outdoor environment for everyone at home. We go above and beyond by removing all scooped waste from the property, leaving you with a lawn you can confidently enjoy.

Health and Safety First

Cleanliness and safety are paramount. Our team wears uniforms and sanitizes all equipment and footwear before entering your property. Securely closing gates after we leave is just one of the small ways we maintain the safety and security of your home. Plus, we keep an eye out for your pet’s health, alerting you to any abnormalities we might notice while cleaning up the poop.

Service You Can Trust

Our company is recognized by the BBB of North Central Texas and holds the necessary licenses, insurance, and bonding to offer peace of mind. Your satisfaction is our priority. If something isn’t up to your standards, let us know within 24 hours, and we promise to return and make it right.

dog outside

The Best Choice for Poop Scooping

  • Professional Dog Poop Scooping – Say goodbye to the least pleasant task of pet ownership.
  • Flexible Service Plans – Choose the frequency that works for you.
  • Health Monitoring – Alerts on any poop abnormalities.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee – We take steps to protect your property and pets.
  • Pappy’s Pail for Picked-up Puppy Poop – This monthly rental service ensures a clean, odor-free way to manage pet poop.
dog outside

Serving Garland, TX and Beyond

Serving Garland, TX, and the surrounding communities, Pappy the Pooper Scooper offers a solution for pet owners looking for reliable, hassle-free pet waste removal. Whether you own a home, manage an HOA, or oversee a commercial property, we have the experience and diligence to keep your grounds immaculate and hygienic.

Enjoy a Clean and Poop-Free Backyard

The endless cycle of poop scooping can get tiring for pet owners, but don’t let that interrupt the fun times you spend with your puppy outdoors. Give Pappy the Pooper Scooper a call. With flexible scheduling, a thorough cleaning system, and a commitment to both safety and satisfaction, you’ll enjoy what so many others have when we keep their yards clean and their pets happy.

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