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Never Have to Smell Garbage Mixed With Dog Poop Again!

With our scheduled services, you can enjoy your furry pet without having to pick up or having to dump smelly dog and/or cat wastes into your household trash containers. For a small $4 monthly fee, we can also provide a covered, lined 5-gallon temporary pet waste container.

Yes. Pappy is licensed, insured and bonded.

Pappy’s service is provided with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If not satisfied, call Pappy within 24 hours of service and Pappy will return to correct the problem issue.

  • Pappy’s services are available as weekly cleanings, twice-a-week cleanings, every second-week cleanings, one-time cleanings for non-monthly customers and for scheduled monthly customers.
  • Pappy scoops dog poop 52 weeks a year.
  • Pappy scoops dog poop in following cities in Dallas, Kaufman, and Rockwall Counties: Fate, Forney, Garland, Heath, Lavon, McLendon-Chisholm, Mesquite, Mobile City, Rockwall, Rowlett, Royse City, Sunnyvale, Talty, Terrell, and Wylie.

Pappy does not provide services on the following holidays: Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day. If a customer’s scheduled cleaning falls on one of these holidays, Pappy will skip service for the week and pick it up the following week. Sorry, there are no refunds for missed holiday services; Pappy has twice the poop to scoop during the next scheduled service.

  • For scheduled weekly, twice-a-week, and every second-week cleanings, Pappy charges an additional $2.00 for each additional dog.
  • For One-Time cleanings, Pappy does not charge additional fees for multiple dogs. Charges are based upon the time needed to scoop the property; multiple dogs mean more scooping time.

Pappy bills the credit cards of its non-monthly One-Time cleaning customers on the day their cleaning service is completed. Pappy bills the credit cards of its customers at the end of the month for their completed scheduled services.

Pappy does not require written Service contracts for its customers. Pappy’s Service begins with its customer’s signature authorizing Pappy to charge the customer’s credit card an agreed upon fee for an agreed upon Service. Pappy and/or Pappy’s third-party service providers must retain customer’s credit card information for payment arrangements.

Pappy’s customers are free to cancel their service with Pappy at any time. All Pappy asks is that its customers give Pappy a one-week cancellation notice in writing via text or email.

Pappy has no objection to scooping poop in a customer’s yard while their dog(s) is in the yard. However, Pappy does require its customers to restrict their dog(s) from the yard if it interferes with Pappy’s activities or if it is not friendly to Pappy.

Tall grass/weeds and/or ground covered with leaves or other debris will probably prevent Pappy from seeing and scooping all the dog poop that might be in a yard. If Pappy cannot see the poop, Pappy cannot scoop the poop.

If poop can be safely scooped, Pappy will arrive at the customer’s scheduled cleaning appointment regardless of light rain or extreme temperatures. However, Pappy will not work in yards where the ground is soft and mushy due to heavy rains or a leaky water hose. Pappy can return to the yard after the ground is no longer soft and mushy.

Pappy always removes collected dog poop from its customer’s property for responsible disposal into landfills approved by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). This is not optional and is included in Pappy’s pricing.

In Texas, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends the best way to dispose of dog poop is to (1) pick it up from where the dog dropped it, (2) put it in a bag, and (3) put the bagged dog poop into a receptacle which will eventually be emptied and its contents disposed of in a landfill that is approved by TCEQ.

EPA advises against using dog poop as garden fertilizer because of parasites, bacteria, and/or viruses in the poop.

EPA advises against composting poop from dogs and other pets that are meat eaters because parasites, bacteria, and/or viruses in the poop are not readily destroyed during the composting process and, therefore, can be passed on to humans.

EPA advises that dog poop doesn’t just decompose, it adds harmful bacteria and nutrients to local waters when it is not properly disposed of.

Dog poop is an excellent food source for rats and other rodents. With their urine and feces, rats are sources of numerous diseases, including E. coli, giardia and salmonella, typhus, leptospirosis, and rat-bite fever. They reproduce very quickly and need little to survive. For these additional reasons, dog poop should be picked up and eventually disposed of in landfills approved by TCEQ.

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